This Year, Bring some magic under the Christmas Tree...

The Magical Unicorn and the Icy Palace

An original story created and illustrated by Vittoria “Vicky” Orlandi

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This Christmas bring some magic with Vicky’s second book “The Magical Unicorn and the Icy Palace“. A beautiful story about friendship, bravery and self confidence.

Vittoria “Vicky” Orlandi is a brave 9-year-old girl. When she was two years old, she was diagnosed with RDH12 LCA, a genetic retinal disease causing progressive sight loss in children. Since the day of her diagnosis, Vicky’s parents, Silvia and Enrico, have worked relentlessly to support research and help children like Vicky see for longer. They founded Eyes on The Future to raise awareness and funds to accelerate research towards a treatment.

This book is the second episode of the adventures of the Unicorn Elisa, after “The Magical Unicorn and the Sparkling Rainbow”, published in 2021. (If you still haven’t got your copy contact us!)

All pictures in this book have been drawn by Vicky on her Apple iPad. The story – also Vicky’s original invention – has been typed by Vicky with some help from her mom Silvia.


This book is a limited edition, and all proceeds will be donated to support research for Leber Congenital Amaurosis.

Get Vicky's book for Christmas!

Price per Book (Suggested Price per Book £15)
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