RDH12 Alliance

Eyes on the Future is working closely with the other 2 international charities focussed on RDH12 (RDH12 Fund for Sight in the US and Candle in the Dark in Belgium) in a global RDH12 Alliance

United States
Focusing on the cure
Their mission is to bring together families with common concerns and worries, collect and distribute information about the form of LCA caused by RDH12, and, most importantly, to ensure that significant funds are devoted to the study and development of treatments for LCA caused by RDH12.
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United Kingdom
See the world for longer
Eyes on the Future is a community who care for people affected by Inherited Retinal Dystrophies (IRDs), specifically those affected by RDH12 IRD. We are RDH12 patients, carers, families and friends, united in our drive to find a treatment.
Child vision research fund
Candle in the Dark is a charitable organisation, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, funding research into gene therapy for inherited eye diseases, which leads to blindness in young children. Its aim is to help develop effective treatments, ultimately providing a cure for blindness and visual impairment.
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