Small Molecules

In March 2018 we launched a 3 year research project that aimed to identify a possible drug therapy to slow down the progression of the disease

The project is a collaboration between the University College of London Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfield Eye Hospital (the largest Ophthalmological hospital in Europe).

The project is being led by Dr Mariya Moosajee, researcher and Ophthalmologist Consultant

3 patients have donated both blood and skin cells to create an in-vitro model of the disease using techniques applied to the stem cell. The project has been extended to a 4th year.

Mariya’s Moosajee’s project has created disease models and started to test some compounds to slow down the sight loss

More work is needed to strengthen and validate the models, run a Dug Screening at scale and validate early results for potential clinical translation.

Mariya Moosajee
Dr. Mariya Moosajee
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