Scientific Conference

In partnership with the Foundation Fighting Blindness (USA) we convened a meeting of families, researchers and representatives from biotech companies and the regulatory community to discuss the advancement of therapies for inherited retinal diseases associated to the RDH12 gene.

More than 20 experts from all over the world. The meeting helped clarify the remaining steps that need to occur before potential therapies are ready for human study.

The outcome of the Scientific Conference was published on the Translational Vision Science & Technology, one of the Association for Research and Vision in Ophthalmology (ARVO) Journals, the largest and most respected eye and vision research organisation in the world. We also presented the case study at the ARVO conference in 2020 as best in class example of patient involvement in research.

The second global RDH12 scientific conference in Baltimore has been a huge success.

Over 40 stakeholders came and focused on how to optimise the future clinical trials.

We now got better clarity on how the disease progresses and what are the best tests to measure the future treatment safety and efficacy.

This has been a very important step forward for our community and for many other Inherited retinal dystrophies.

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